Why Camp Raises Kids’ Confidence

Ahhh – parenting in the summertime.

No more lunches to make, frenzied mornings or homework meltdowns. Bring on those lazy summer days.

And the sibling squabbles, screen time battles and cries of “I’m bored!”

I’m convinced this is why overnight camp was created. Being apart from each other for a short time can be healthy for kids — and parents.

Whether they go away for a week or a month, children come home from sleep-over camp looking, feeling and acting older and more responsible than when they left. Sweeping out cabins, trying new activities and making new friends is guaranteed to build your kids’ confidence and resilience.

Camp also balances out the nature deficit most kids suffer from today. If you’re not sure your little ones are ready to leave the nest, here are some great ways to transition kids into overnight camp.

Dr. Michael Thompson, author of Raising Cain and other best-selling parenting books, feels overnight camp provides a kind of learning that neither parents nor teachers can give. He wrote a great article on what kids gain from camp in the New York Times Motherlode blog a few weeks ago. He was also featured on NPR last week on the same subject.

The good news is there is still time to sign your kids up for overnight camps this summer. Check out these resources that help you find camps by zip code: Find a Camp and American Camp Association Or better yet, get the kids involved in the search. Most camps have great websites and videos that your kids will find faster than you can.

Does anyone have a stick so I can roast my marshmallow?

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