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dad-and-mom-on-computer2It’s hard to believe that kids are back to school already. Amazing how summer gets shorter and shorter every year.

To help your family get off to a great school start this fall, I’ve created a Parent Resource page with some terrific websites related to school, learning and education. Bookmark this page to find the information you need, when you need it. Or bookmark the links individually.

Here’s a summary of each: – This is a comprehensive parenting website with a great section on school and education. It covers your child’s learning from birth to college. – Originally a resource for comparing public, private and charter schools, this site now provides information on education from pre-school and up. – This is a well-organized, parent friendly site with all you need to know about schools, learning and education from kindergarten to grade 8. – The same company that brings you book fairs, children’s and academic books. Includes some helpful videos on key topics. – The official website for PTA (Parent Teacher Association) provides lots of helpful information on influencing national, state and local decisions on education. It also offers a wealth of information on how to help your child succeed and how to improve your school – from enhancing family engagement and fundraising to encouraging the arts and health and safety. A terrific site. – A great site for parent leaders and parents to find and share ideas for events, fundraising, and parent involvement. Home of PTO Today magazine. – An organization dedicated to improving public schools in 12 states; focused on educating and engaging parents to mobilize.

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education ( Advice and information on parent involvement and family school partnerships.

Information related to media and technology: – Help for parents who want to know what’s age appropriate in media and technology. Movies, video, and educational apps reviews. – Reviews educational software. Offers news on education and learning tools for kids of all ages.

I also wanted to share with you a couple good parenting reads that came out this past month:

Teach Our Children Well by Dr. Madeline Levine

The Genius in Children by Rick Ackerly

Finally, as homework and studying starts to ramp up, a few thoughts to make your family life a little easier this fall:

Teach your kids how to study 

Homework checklist for parents

What’s the point of homework, anyway?

Happy reading!


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