How Teachers Get Kids to Listen

The art of classroom management has always amazed me.

When I was a classroom parent ten years ago for my oldest daughter’s kindergartner teacher — a skilled veteran pro loved by all — Mrs. T. asked me to take over the class for five minutes while she went to the principal’s office. Within three minutes, 23 five-year-olds were spinning out of control. [Read more...]

Family Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, most people – myself included – focus on eating healthier, losing weight or exercising more. This year, I’m making resolutions that I can keep. Goals that will positively affect my kids and add more balance to our family life – a life that weighed in too heavy on gadgets and screens this year. Here are my top three resolutions: [Read more...]

Parent-Teacher Conferences….Already?

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the first marking period. A fact that makes your upcoming parent-teacher conferences that much more important. Here are some thoughts on how to make the most of those precious minutes with your child’s teacher. [Read more...]

Texting and Cell Phones in Schools. Really?

The bell rings and the scene begins.

Fourth graders and up parade out of school with heads down, cell phones chained to their hands, texting meaningless morsels. They text the friend they just left in class…the friend down the hall…the friend sitting in front of them on the bus. [Read more...]