De-Stressing Standardized Tests

Ever wonder if you could pass the 10th grade standardized test in your school district?

One brave dad in Florida decided to give it a shot. Despite two masters degrees, 15 hours toward a doctorate and helping run a 3 billion dollar company, he scored in the 62nd percentile on reading. Is it any wonder our kids get stressed by these tests? [Read more...]

What Would our Founding Fathers Think?

In most public schools today, what’s taught mirrors what’s tested. For kids in elementary school, the majority of class time centers around Math and Literacy (Reading) because these are the subjects covered on state standardized tests.  While some states add science tests at 5th or 8th grade, this narrowed curriculum is a reality of the high stakes test-driven “accountability era” that our children are educated in – even within our best schools. [Read more...]