The Art of Talking with Teachers

During the first and last two months of the school year, parents ask me one question more than any other. It’s the same question I’m asked in every workshop I give:

“What’s the best way to talk to the teacher about this?” or “How and when do we bring this up with the teacher?” [Read more...]

8 Ways to Deal with “Bad” Teachers

I cringe at the word “bad,” but let’s face it. Even the best public schools protect ineffective teachers – due in part to union contracts. Studies show that a poor teacher can set children back by months, while a skilled teacher changes lives. The latest research from Harvard shows great teaching even leads to higher lifetime earnings. [Read more...]

A Better Education – Part 2

In my last post, I gave the first five take aways from The Parent Backpack workshop. Here are the last five tips that will help your children thrive and get the best education possible. [Read more...]