Countdown to Launch Date



The countdown is on! Seven days until The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5 is released. The books have shipped . . . and mine just arrived. [Read more...]

From Blog to Book

It’s been a while.

And although I haven’t been blogging these past few months, I have been busy writing every day. Writing my book – The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5.  It’s the book I couldn’t find when my oldest started kindergarten 11 years ago.

The Parent Back Pack - by ML NicholsI’m excited to announce that [Read more...]

Should Parents be Banned from Classrooms?

Jay Mathews, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote an interesting piece recently about eliminating bans on parents observing their child in class. [Read more...]

A Better Education – Part 2

In my last post, I gave the first five take aways from The Parent Backpack workshop. Here are the last five tips that will help your children thrive and get the best education possible. [Read more...]

Praise Effort…Not Smarts

Want to motivate your kids to do better in school?  Wishing your “smart” child would get better grades?

Recent research suggests parents and teachers need to stop saying “good job.” Eliminate “you’re really smart” from your vocabulary. Bite your tongue before the words “you’re an A student” come out.

Instead, praise the effort your child or student puts into something. The results, the experts claim, will be amazing. [Read more...]

That Haunting School PROJECT

It’s a word that triggers a sinking feeling for most elementary school parents:

“..students will have two weeks to complete this PROJECT. Some work will be done in class, however, most of the work will be completed at home…” [Read more...]