Why Camp Raises Kids’ Confidence

Ahhh – parenting in the summertime.

No more lunches to make, frenzied mornings or homework meltdowns. Bring on those lazy summer days. [Read more...]

Recommended Resources

After months of reviewing and testing educational websites, I’ve chosen those that I think will be most helpful – and fun – for kids and parents. I’ve posted them on my resource page. [Read more...]

Recipe for a “Great” Teacher

It’s October and the jury is in.

Kids have organized teachers into “nice” and “mean” categories. Teachers have sized up their students. Parents have judged who’s off to a good start and who’s in for a tough year. [Read more...]


I can hear the homework cries already…

“NO, dad! That’s not how we learned it and I can’t do it that way or the teacher will mark it wrong.” [Read more...]

Mama Bears and Teachers

Think back for a moment to your child’s first and most influential teacher. The one your child connected with early on. That caring person who made a difference. Was that teacher a day care provider? A preschool teacher? A kindergarten teacher? [Read more...]