First Book Reviews In

The Parent Backpack, by ML Nichols



There’s nothing more nerve wracking as an author than waiting for reviews and endorsements of your book to come in. It’s a grueling, stressful roller-coaster ride of the worst kind.

You write and research for over a year hoping at least a few people will find your book worthy of reading. Then a couple months before your book comes out, your publisher sends the almost finished “pages” to the reviewers – and other authors who may want to read it – or not. And then once they read it, they decide if they want to provide a few words about the book – a “blurb” as they call it in the business. [Read more...]

Seeing the Other Side of ADHD


A diagnosis. A label. An acronym that carries preconceived ideas for so many people.

For some, Attention Deficit Disorder or Hyperactivity Disorder conjures up visions of students who can’t sit still in class or impulsive kids who disrupt a teacher’s lesson. For others, it’s a child (or an adult) who can’t focus, stay organized or follow through on a simple task. [Read more...]