Kindergarten Checklist

The to-do lists look similar – fill out forms, get school supplies, try on clothes, wonder how they got so big so fast, buy new shoes, get ready for Welcome Day – but the emotions change daily.

No matter how excited your child appears to be for Kindergarten – or how ready you think you are – it’s a big milestone for kids and parents. [Read more...]

Understanding that Kindergarten – Grade 5 Journey

With Kindergarten Sign-ups and Orientations filling up calendars across the country, I thought I’d take a moment to share some perspective that I wish I had when my oldest daughter entered Kindergarten. And if you’re a parent with older kids still trying to make sense of it all, it’s never too late. [Read more...]

Full Day Kindergarten Fuels Redshirting

Oh those unlucky summer birthdays. Kids born in June, July and August when the Kindergarten cut off is September 1st. Doomed to become the youngest, smallest and most likely to be behind academically or athletically. [Read more...]