From Embarrassed to Proud: Emily’s View of Mom’s Book


It’s every 13-year-olds’ nightmare. Your mom or dad is featured in the newspaper. Or worse yet, becomes a published author.

That’s how my daughter Emily felt about her mom writing a book. Especially a book about parenting around schools and education.

But that was four to five years ago, when she was in middle school. Now that Emily is about to enter her senior year in high school, she feels differently.

But I had no idea how differently, until she told this story about The Parent Backpack at my first book launch gathering:

I cry every time I watch it. Thank you, Emily. I am so proud of you.

If you live in the Boston/Cape area and would like to hear more about The Parent Backpack, check here for locations, dates and times where I’ll be speaking.

And who knows, maybe Emily will show up and surprise us again!