Recommended Resources

After months of reviewing and testing educational websites, I’ve chosen those that I think will be most helpful – and fun – for kids and parents. I’ve posted them on my resource page.

These are great sites that inspire kids in engaging, interactive ways. Covering every subject in school and beyond, they are perfect homework helpers and ideal ways to reinforce a child’s learning — from kindergarten through grade 12. They even make studying for tests and quizzes fun. Research shows the more connections kids make to what they’re learning and the more interactions they have around a lesson, the more likely they are to retain the information.

There are lots of videos, interactive activities, movies, quizzes, games and different ideas to make learning entertaining. Check them out, or better yet, have your kids check them out. And be sure to bookmark them in your family computer. Your child’s teacher may have a website with similar sites and your local library will also provide access to these sites.

So the next time your kids ask you to explain that math problem they are struggling with…click on one of the sites together. These links are a win-win for everyone. I learn a thing or two every time I visit one.

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