Minimize Those Homework Meltdowns

Boston Parents Paper recently published an excerpt from The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5 – Guiding Homework, Projects and Studying – in their Education Enrichment Guide.

For tips and strategies on how to minimize those homework meltdowns…and help your kids learn study skills, click here: Motivate your child to learnIMG_2701


To order a copy of The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5 or for more information about the book, visit For homework resources, including online video lessons, visit

And if you’re looking for good questions to ask at your upcoming parent teacher conference, click here.

Countdown to Launch Date



The countdown is on! Seven days until The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5 is released. The books have shipped . . . and mine just arrived. [Read more...]

Common Core = Common Sense

A decade ago, if you asked an educator in this country if we would ever get to a “national curriculum,” 90% of them would say, “not in my lifetime.”

This fall, for the first time in our nation’s history, 90% of our public schools will begin using the same standards for math and literacy. Forty-five out of fifty states (all but Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia as of this posting) have adopted what’s referred to as the “Common Core State Standards Initiative.” These standards define what our kids are expected to learn in math and literacy from kindergarten through grade twelve so they’re ready for college and future careers. [Read more...]

Mom Congress 2012

WOW.  Wonderful. Outstanding. Women.

That about sums up Mom Congress 2012 for me. We began on Sunday then continued at the National Press Club in D.C. on Monday with a great line up of speakers starting with NBC News’ Education Nation. It’s been an amazing experience. [Read more...]

De-Stressing Standardized Tests

Ever wonder if you could pass the 10th grade standardized test in your school district?

One brave dad in Florida decided to give it a shot. Despite two masters degrees, 15 hours toward a doctorate and helping run a 3 billion dollar company, he scored in the 62nd percentile on reading. Is it any wonder our kids get stressed by these tests? [Read more...]