Top 10 Parent Resources

dad-and-mom-on-computer2It’s hard to believe that kids are back to school already. Amazing how summer gets shorter and shorter every year.

To help your family get off to a great school start this fall, I’ve created a Parent Resource page with some terrific websites related to school, learning and education. [Read more...]

40 i-Pad Apps for Kids

My friend Melissa Taylor is a teacher-turned-writer who blogs at Imagination Soup and  writes for Parenting magazine and Mom Congress. She posted some great recommendations last month on the top i-Pad apps for kids. [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Emailing Teachers

We’ve all been there.

Something happens to your child at school and your mama or papa bear surfaces – that primal, raw protector of child. A burning need to blast a note or an email to the teacher about the situation overwhelms you. [Read more...]

Recommended Resources

After months of reviewing and testing educational websites, I’ve chosen those that I think will be most helpful – and fun – for kids and parents. I’ve posted them on my resource page. [Read more...]

Translating “21st Century Skills”

I had the privilege of hearing the acclaimed education guru Dr. Tony Wagner speak recently on “21st century skills” and why they are so critical for our kids. [Read more...]

Texting and Cell Phones in Schools. Really?

The bell rings and the scene begins.

Fourth graders and up parade out of school with heads down, cell phones chained to their hands, texting meaningless morsels. They text the friend they just left in class…the friend down the hall…the friend sitting in front of them on the bus. [Read more...]