About ML Nichols

_DSC0964_2ML NICHOLS is an author, consultant, speaker, and founder of The Parent Connection, a nonprofit parent education group serving thousands of parents and teachers on the South Shore of Boston.

Her passion for understanding how parenting intersects with teaching and learning led her to launch The Parent Backpack, a consultancy that helps parents connect with their child’s education in productive ways.

With two school-age daughters, ML has been part of the school world for 15 years, even before her oldest started kindergarten. She has served in leadership roles working with teachers, administrators, and parents on everything from rebuilding schools, lowering class size, and leading PTAs, to creating policy changes, organizing parent education groups, and searching for new administrators.  Selected as the 2012 Massachusetts delegate for Parenting magazine’s Mom Congress on Education and Learning, ML appreciates the  challenges that parents and educators face and works to bridge the gap between them.

The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5 was published by an imprint of Crown/Random House, Ten Speed Press, in August 2014. ML candidly shares the perspective, insights, and research she’s learned over the past decade so parents don’t have to struggle to figure out our complicated education system themselves.  The Parent Backpack is full of strategies and tips that show you how to navigate schools, what your kids learn when, how to communicate with teachers, how to support your children’s education in effective ways, and much more.

ML knows firsthand when parents connect to their children’s learning in positive ways, kids really do get a better education.